December 11 - Hot off the Press News & Announcements

The Pope Pius XII Memorial Mass will take place this Sunday, 7 January 2018. Mass time is at 10:30 A.M. and it will be at St. Rocco's in Martin's Creek. Please spread the word around to other Sir Knights either by word of mouth or by phone! In the past, only a small number of Sir Knights have attended. Let's see if we can change that for the new year! I also have it on good authority that donuts and coffee will be served afterwards. Please make every effort to attend this Mass!

The January Assembly Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 18th, 2018 at St. Rocco's.

Pope Pius XII Assembly 941 - News & Announcements

Effective Communication is our goal. We recognize it’s the key to getting more Fourth Degree Sir Knights engaged in projects, active participation in meetings, and sharing of “Best Practices” from one Council to another. We currently hold monthly meetings, send out E- Blasts, communicate by phone and word of mouth. Now we will also communicate pertinent news relative to the member Sir Knights of our Assembly herein our website. We encourage all Sir Knights to share pertinent news to our Officers so we can update our site on a regular basis.

Northampton Deanery Mass at St. Jane de Chantel - September 19 2017

The Fourth Degree Honor Guard was pleased to escort our newly ordained bishop at the Deanery Mass held at St. Jane's on September 19th.

Faithful Navigator Message - Dec. 2016

As the year 2016 comes to a close, let us look back and reflect on the activities of our Assembly.

The second "Big Raffle" was a success. The income was distributed to very worthy organizations; Valor House and PA Wounded Warriors.

The Tommy Zitto event was attended by more than 200 people. After a terrific dinner at The American Legion Post 9, attendees were wowed by the show put on by Tommy Zitto and his accompanists. Be sure to attend the next Tommy Zitto event in March 2017.

On July 1st, the newly elected officers took over in their elected office. The formal installation of officers took place in September and was presided over by Master John Fitzpatrick.

The third "Big Raffle" ticket sales began in August. Each council in the Assembly received 60 tickets to be sold. Income after prizes will be awarded to The Archdiocese of the Military. The drawing will take place at the June 2017 Assembly Meeting.

The Annual Memorial Mass was held on October 30th at Saint Elizabeth Church in Pen Argyll, PA. Coffee and donuts were served to all in attendance.

The Annual November Dinner Meeting was held at The Holy Family Club. After a great dinner, Sir Knights enjoyed an evening of fellowship.

I will work with our officers and our members to schedule worthwhile events throughout 2017. All ideas or suggestions you might have will be considered. Please submit ideas at any monthly meeting or send an email message to me with your ideas.

Remember to ask your eligible candidates in your councils to become members of the Fourth Degree. The Exemplification is months away but now is the time to get your candidates to the mandatory degrees. The Exemplification will take place at The Holiday Inn and Conference Center in Fogelsville on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

If you have any regalia items that you no longer will use, please consider donating those items so another Sir Knight can participate in events that require regalia. What a more fitting way to honor your unused regalia than being used by another Sir Knight.

Vivat Jesus.
Ed Rossner

Central District Newsletter

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Click Here to download the Summer 2015 Central District Newsletter. Stay informed of what is going on in our district!

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Fourth Degree Exemplification Information

The Pennsylvania Central District Exemplification of the Fourth Degree will take place on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Conference Center Lehigh Valley, Breinigsville, PA. Any Third Degree Knight considering taking the Fourth Degree should contact the Faithful Navigator for further information.

Fundraising Opportunities

Our Faithful Navigator Ed Rossner has announced the Assembly will hold another “Big Raffle” with a goal to raise $3000.00. The profit from the raffle be distributed to the Archdiocese of the Military Services. The cost is $10.00 per ticket. All ticket stubs and money should be forwarded to the Faithful Controller, Dennis Sullivan.

The winners of the “Big Raffle” will be announced the evening of June 15, 2017 at our Monthly Assembly Meeting. Prizes are as follows: 1st place is $1,000, second place winner receives $200.00, and the third, fourth, and fifth place winners will receive $100.00.

“Big Raffle” tickets were distributed to Council Representatives at the August Meeting. Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket can do so by contacting the Faithful Navigator at:

Annual Christmas Dinner Meeting

If you have never attended this gathering here is your chance. The Food is great and plentiful and the Assembly pays for your bar tab. There is a fee for the dinner and your Officers are currently working on the menu and prices. As in the past this event is held in lieu of a Meeting in November and will take place Nov 17th at the Holy Family Club in Nazareth. Please don’t miss this great chance to socialize with your fellow Sir Knights. Click this link to download the dinner flyer: Assembly's Annual Dinner Meeting

Honor Guard – Regalia

All Fourth Degree members who do not currently own Regalia are encouraged to do so. As a Fourth Degree Assembly Member in good standing you are entitled to a full honor guard at your wake should your family request this honorable service. At this time many of the older Sir Knights are no longer able to perform this service or march in Parades, attend services conducted by the Bishop or travel to events sponsored by Supreme. New Regalia outfits which include the Chapeau, Red Lined Cape, Garment Bag, Sword, Sword Case, Service Baldric,Gloves and a carrying case are available from The English Company for a cost of $540.00. You can reach the English Company online at or by phone at 1-800-444-KofC ( 5632). Note that a tuxedo and shoes and shirt are required in addition to the Regalia outfit items quoted above.

It’s suggested that any Sir Knights that have Regalia and cn no longer perform their duties that you consider donating all or part of your Regailia to your Council to assist those that can’t afford to purchase all the necessary items. Council Grand Knights may wish to conduct their own fundraisers to assist in the purchase of Regalia as all Councils are expected to have Honor Guard Members.

It’s been requested that the Assembly through the Color Guard Commander conduct training for all Honor Guard Members. We will schedule this event . We would also like all Sir Knights that already have Regalia to notify the Faithful Controller Dennis Sullivan as we will likely develop a separate group e-mail so we can instantly communicate where the Honor Guard is needed and when.